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Another glorious day at the Nothing Factory


This Xeric-award-winning graphic novel is an elegiac depiction of a half-hearted love and its sad door prizes. It's a rumination on lost moments, trying to feel out their importance or insignificance or squishy place in between. In this semi-autobiographical story a girl marries her boyfriend on a whim so that she can join him on a long nautical adventure. It is not a sea faring tale, but one about what comes after, the consequences of this rash decision. When they return from their voyage reservations develop about the validity of their new roles. The girl becomes absorbed in the pain of letting go of what she wants to want, but doesn't. She develops physical sensations of loss-the ailments that accompany a broken heart. There is a divorce, then she is alone... in a hermitage... on an island. Fans of Stephane Blanquet will love this book. Black and white art, in a silhouette style: stark, but with an old-fashioned grace. Hardcover, die-cut slipcover.

book format: hardcover