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Beats per minute

Misma / · français

Beats per minute, Claude Cadi is a series designed as a triptych: three volumes, three cities (Florence, Paris, New York) and a love triangle (Boris, Pierre Marielle). In the center of this first story, Boris, boxer, epicurean womanizer and art lover, finds his friend Pierre in a Parisian cafe. Both talk about their recent loves and their projects. While Pierre thinks of moving to New York, Boris is considering making a trip to Italy. In Florence, Boris spends his time among the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, has a summer romance, and strange visions ... With a clear and expressive drawing, very close to the sketch, Claude Cadi gives it the appearance of a travel journal, which immerses the reader in the heart of the city of Florence and the Italian Quattrocento.

book format: paperback / pages: 60