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Mr. A

Sparkplug / · english

"Rex Graine is a newspaper reporter for the Daily Crusader. He is known for his uncompromising principles and incorruptibility. In order to fight crime Graine wears metal gloves and a steel mask that resembles a placid face, thus becoming Mr. A. In keeping with the hardboiled detective theme, both personae typically wear suits and fedora hats; Mr A's outfit is completely white. There is no origin story for the character, thus the only discernible reason why Graine sometimes disguises himself (both his identities are equally threatened by criminals and sometimes hated by the general public ) is due to his choice to become a vigilante. Mr. A uses half white-half black business cards to signify his arrival, as well as to represent his belief that there can only be good and evil, and no moral grey area." from Absolute Astronomy

book format: staple / pages: 32