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Monster Island Three

Conundrum Press / · english

Monster Island Three is the book anthology of the art zine edited by popular Montreal artist Billy Mavreas. It contains comics and essays about monsters and comics. These artists pit their personal demons against the universal monsters of popular culture (Frankenstein, Godzilla, The Wolfman, etc…). This book straddles the line between comic anthology and art book but also contains essays to give historical context to the art. Rick Trembles provides a tribute in comic form to movie director Ray Harryhausen. Mavreas contributes a feature on Inuit artist Alootook Ipellie. There is Joe Ollmann’s comic on the history of his drawing implements and Andy Brown’s essay on the significance of the publishing history of one of Jack Kirby’s final comic series. Bernie Mireault provides a comic about a horrific poker game while Patrick R. Burger writes about German pulps from the 1930s which were set in Africa.

book format: paperback / pages: 144