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Bienvenido Mr. Marra

Benjamin Marra
Fri, 2015-12-11 19:30 - 21:00

"Benjamin Marra publishes his comics under his own label, Traditional Comics. They are disposable artifacts in black and white and printed on poor quality paper. From the bright colors and outrageous cover credits, announce their condition of cheap culture. Marra wants to make sub-products, the kind of garbage that has always been the comic and, according to him, should have never stopped being. Someone has defined his comics like the kind of comic you read hiding when you were thirteen, because they were too adult for a kid. but actually teens were his ideal public. But beware, these fantasies of genre replicate comics that actually never existed. Graphically, the best approach I've read on Marra's style is to locate him somewhere between Paul Gulacy and Spain Rodriguez. And not just for the lustrous stillness of their naive figures, but because all his comic project is an imposible mainstream that crimbles to an improbable. " Santiago Garcia, from the prologue of "Sangre Americana".

Creator, writer, artist ... Benjamin Marra is also known by another nickname: The academic. "Education is something that really turns me on. People always tell me, like, 'you studied so much man!'. I've taken a lot of titles in educational institutions, from school until ... you know .. ." He says. As an academic who is, Marra maintains high standards. "The historical accuracy is very important to me. I have worked in newspapers and such, you know?"

On the 11th, Benjamin Marra will answer questions from Daniel Ausente and will sign everything thrown at him

Fatbottom, C/ Lluna 10, Barcelona
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