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Avenging World

Sparkplug / · english

If you are buying one Steve Ditko book to take with you on a desert island, this should be it. This is the mother load of some of my favorite comics ever penned."Steve Ditko's lastest collection of work, "The Avenging World" is available from his long-time friend/editor Robin Synder. This is a thick (~230 page) collection of comic work and essays from 40 years of work. Everything is reprinted from previous works, but most were not well known.A revision of his "Avenging World" comic book, which is basically Objectivism in comic book format.Several short pieces from various sources on a wide range of topics. Several short fiction works that illustrate Objectivist concepts. Only one (H Series: The Screamer) is 'superheroey', tho you might think Libage (Liberty Agent) is too.Several essays on different topics. Most deal with issues within the comic book industry (who own original art, issues of who created Spider-Man, etc), but others are about other imporant issue ("Violence, the Phoney Issue", etc)

book format: paperback / pages: 240