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Watdafac Gallery! & Combustión Espontanea / · mute

CREPITATING is a multisensory experience, a show that stirs up emotions on the spectator. The key is; to stop trying to understand it, but rather trying to connect with it instead, to relate to its meaning, completing it all off with a personal interpretation. Crepitating is generally the word for a fast, thin loud, crisp and bubbly uncommon sound; like a fast, non-stopping, crackling noise. And it is precisely this noise that Ruscha speaks about, the one that we would hear in our heads when placed in front of Magan’s artwork. We are face-to-face with a jigsaw and we have to put it all together mentally. Each of its pieces is a part of a somehow grotesque tale, in which Andres’ artwork plunges us. These are every day characters, sometimes mischievous but otherwise deeply human, who are capable of showing us their emotions, paranoid thoughts, fears and worries. Their images are somehow disturbing, but moving at times. Andres has the ability to reflect upon human nature at its purest.
- Due to a printing error, the editors have added a small zine to the pack that reprints some of the damaged images from the original-

book format: box set · paperback / pages: 76