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GR€ZIA (3d edition)

Medalariso / · english

Gr€zia is a world in crisis. Together with other countries south of NeoPrusia form defensive strip against. No-people Humans. Gr€zia also is the desertic dead-space -basamortua- of the economy, therefore the world. The economics and law dominate everything and under this yoke. Man is defined. Man is the citizen, the consumer. Therefore is the consumer who has rights. It is therefore defined as a human the being who have rights. Whoever buys is a man. Those who don't are infrahuman. A strip of thousands of miles of desert is the first wall. Then there is another, and impassable (almost): the Berlin Wall. Berlin is the capital of NeoPrusia. Berlin is a city state... - First edition, limited to a 100. Riso-printed in blue. A4

book format: staple / pages: 36