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Last of the Mohicans

Picturebox / · english

A 1973-74 classic from a manga master. This (very) free adaptation of the novel employs a range surrealist, collage-like techniques that engage with contemporary Pop Art and psychedlia, as well as Japan’s modern history of cultural appropriation, to bring to life the great American story. It features combines Sugiura’s signature brand of absurd action and exquisite drawing. This PictureBox edition is the first book-length publication of Sugiura's work in English and the inaugural volume in historian Ryan Holmberg's Ten-Cent Manga series, focusing on manga straddling Japanese and American cultural influences. An introductory essay explores the complex art history of Sugiura's Mohicans. Also included is a translation of Sugiura's 1988 article "Silent Movies", on his lifelong love affair with Hollywood.

book format: hardcover / pages: 176