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Lone Sloane Salammbô

Titan books / · english

eady perfume of blood and rage across the stars, featuring Philippe Druillet's legendary Lone Sloane! Druillet fuses the ancient Punic Wars with his space fantasy universe to create an intoxicatingly psychedelic take on a literary classic! In the Punic Wars of the third century BC, barbarian mercenaries employed by Carthage rose against their employers – and two clan chiefs, Matho and Narr'Havas, fell in love with the beautiful and ethereal Salammbô, daughter of Hamilcar of Carthage. A bloody conflict arose, immortalized in Flaubert's famed 19th century novel – now, comics Hall of Fame icon Phillipe Druillet brings it into the far future! His artistic magic and transcendent storytelling reinvigorates ancient romance and rage, unleashing it into the depths of space with his enduringly popular sci-fi hero Lone Sloane!

book format: hardcover / pages: 186