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Papá em África

MMMNNNRRRG / · portugues

Papa Africa is a critique of racial and colonial domination crossing, even today, South African society in an era of the post-apartheid. Shows how certain structures survive the destruction of the legal framework that gave rise to them. But make no mistake, you will not find in the work of Anton the path for an idealised nation; it offers no reinvention of the place of blacks in comics, nor any kind of "hero" of the black resistance that could be the "voice" of the black population of South Africa, that Anton, by the way, is not really part of nor intends to be. The focus of PApa em Africa, is to kick at the bollocks with scorn and derision, with unerring aim, the hypocrisy and (bad) conscience of white South Africa, a post-lobotomizedapartheid.

book format: hardcover / pages: 64