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Stripburger # 58

Stripburger / · slovenščina· english

The last issue of Stripburger thus covers comics theory, new sources of comics-making and seasoned comics veterans as well, maintaining the quality of the selection and opening new approaches to this medium we all love.
In the year 1992 the first issue of this, now legendary magazine, was published. What compelled the forefathers of Stripburger to start a magazine was the lack of a comic magazine in Slovenia. To this very day it remains the one and only comic magazine in the country of Slovenia. Because of the small local production, explorative tendencies of the editors and the inescapable bind between local production and global trends, the magazine was publishing comics by foreign as much as local artists - mélange of styles and narratives that remains one of the most appealing features of Stripburger.

book format: magazine · staple / pages: 96