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Stripburger #67

Stripburger / · slovenščina· english

The new issue of Stripburger, adorned by a better-than-bacon illustration by Blexbolex, kickstarts with an editorial by Martin Ernstsen, a Norwegian comics artist, who deliberates on how to catch the fleeting moments and realities, how to save them from transience and why to choose comics form as a medium. Well, why indeed? Because comics are a medium of an especially wide and high range with only a few limitations, where “one can can travel throughout the universe, from a black hole to an atom, see life through the eyes of an insect or experience the life of another human being”. It’s a medium for story-telling, for world-experiencing, for life-understanding and “all this can be done with almost no budget and virtually no compromise”. Now you know.

book format: staple / pages: 96