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Stripburger #70

Stripburger / · slovenščina· english

Indeed, the magazine was born a quarter of a century ago, which means an enviable number of years of continuous comics & magazine production, including also innumerable exhibitions, plenty of workshops and other events, not to mention all the comics publications. Stripburger is thus entering its mature period proudly and with its head held high. Coincidentally, the 70th issue of the magazine is coming out just this year, so of course we’ve dedicated it to our 25th anniversary. We’ve also invited some former editors of the magazine (not so few of them though!) – and some other people – to express their thoughts on our jubilee on paper. The texts we’ve received do not just bring forth the opinions of the »godfathers« of the magazine about the magazine nowadays, but they also authentically reflect their writers’ characters: two birds with one stone!

book format: staple / pages: 96