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Tétanos 3

Ediciones ¡Joc Doc! / · english · español

Tétanos is a collaborative zine of comics and illustrations focused on the degenerate, the filthy, decadent, and the deviant of the humanity.
This third issue is the best until now, It is printed with purple and red inks and contains comics and art by: Abraham Díaz, Diego Aragón, Dennis Worden, Inés Estrada, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Carlos González Boy, Chacho Grijalva, Lisa Czech, Mou, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Mateus Acioli, Andy Burkholder, Héctor Melchor "Hez", Yecal Disaster, Luiz Berger and Apolo Cacho!
The covers are screen printed with Neon Yellow, Navy Blue and Black over Green Bristol board.
Contents are printed with purple and bright red inks over pink paper with our Risograph RC6300.
44 pages, Staple bound. 8 "x 11"

book format: staple / pages: 44