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Trabajo de clase / Nuevos románticos

Miedo Issue
Apa · Apa / Grapa.grapa / · english · español

In this new installment of the stapled collection "versus", we proposed to Ana Galvañ and Marc Torices to draw, at first, a comic about sex, then we changed our minds and we asked for some horror...luckily they didn't see either themes very clear and instead they have mixed the genre of " things that happen in schools " with what they wanted .
In the part of Galvañ we encounter Dios Maria , who dreams of a better world, away from her teen, crude and heartless reality. In an insufferably tedious institute is always accompanied by her inseparable and pain-in-the-ass best friend. As a reward, at home expect a mother who doesn't understand her feelings. Dios Maria hates everyone , though silent and impressed with the certainty that only love can turn around his sad existence.
Torices meanwhile, introduces us to Ivan, a teenager living in the mountains of Oak Paso with his overprotective mother and older brother with a strange contagious disease. Several murders have been perpetrated in his school by a masked anonymous . His personal situation and his biased viewpoint , will make this, one of the most decisive and horrible days of his life .

book format: staple / pages: 48