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Barcelona Ciutat Purgatori

Self-publisher / · mute

An hallucinatory mapping of the city, suffered and proclaimed at the walls of the Centro de Arte Mutuo by Marc O'Callaghan. From the urban structure of the city center of Barcelona, ​​the polygons that form the buildings isles are filled by accumulations of entities directly landed from the mental plane, which materialize as a result of the delusional interpretation of the geometry from the streets. The application of the paranoiac-critical method Dalian leads in this case to the association of the real-multiple-contemporary with the symbolic-utilitarian paramount. The altered perception of the experience leads to a new vision of a cosmic city, biographic region of the author. In this context, the Faustic suffering becomes a tool for the building and climbing to the self-microcosm, and by extension for the Fractal city-macrocosm.
Self-released illustrated map of the city of Barcelona, transposed to 2D from the original 14x4m wall painting. Red Ink on not-so-white coarse paper, creased in four 17x15cm pages as an unfolding accordion. Includes long explanatory text. Limited edition of 33 handnumbered and handsigned copies.

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