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El Somni de la revolució

Self-publisher / · mute

Graphic novelette without words, whose narration is purely based on the illustrations' sequence and simbolism. Graphically it keeps holding on the psychoaesthetic exploration of Revelacions Automàtiques (Automatic Revelations), but ascended this time towards a less automatic, more conscious, more geometrized and more maximalist new stadium. Thematically it is a so-free and unhinibited hipothesis about the myth of the esoteric and masonic seed of the French Revolution and ultimately the New World Order, but at the same time there is a more implicit general undertext which points to more universal themes such as the inevitability of cycles and the transmission of power. The edition is a 16 page booklet in a not-so-white coarse paper, digitally printed in strictly red color. It is a print run of 111 handnumbered copies, totally self-released.

book format: staple / pages: 12