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Heredera #1 Aleksandra Waliszewska

Dehavilland / · mute

Heredera is a monographic publication devoted entirely to an artist, in this case, to the polish painter Aleksandra Waliszewska. Presented as a poster with 4 folds, it is a selection of 17 works discovered as it is unfolded, presenting a catalog of his recurrent themes, styles and major obsessions.
The accompanying band hides a brief introductory text to the artist by Laura Benítez Valero (a member of the Leland Palmer collective and a philosophy teacher of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Both in English and Spanish.
Poster: 48 x 68 cm (4 folds and 17 works). Offset Paper of 115 gr. 4+4 inks. Limited edition (500 units)

book format: spreadsheet