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Mincho #6

Mincho Press / · english · español

This new issue of Mincho is filled with pared-down and minimalistic artworks that are somewhere between abstraction and figuration, made up of, basically, geometric shapes, simple lines and blocks of pure colour. In this spirit, the reader can see the enigmatic post-industrial landscapes drawn by Yuichi Yokoyama; spontaneous and naive strokes in Antonio Ladrillo and Toni Halonen illustrations; the use of optical, even hypnotic, illusions, as is the case of the illustrator Malika Favre, the graffiti artist Sixe Paredes and the graphic designer Raphaël Garnier; and the main role played by colours and shapes in the pieces by Atelier Bingo, Nicolas Ménard, Bettina Henni and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk.

book format: magazine / pages: 104