The Will o' the Wisp

Breakdown Press / · english

A ghoulish orb named ‘The Will- O’-The-Wisp’ flickers from the wick of Earth’s lantern in the midst of a barren void. The glimmer offers salvation to the hopeless, wayward traveller in the form of a point of reference. Disguised as The Northern Star or a guardian angel, the bioluminescent ghost is born from the oxidation of phosphine (PH3), diphosphane (P2H4) and methane (CH4), which is released from the decay of organic matter. Like a mosquito to a zapper, the hopeful traveller is drawn towards the glowing siren, who hovers over deep bogs, swamps and marshes. Here the traveller’s journey concludes, feeding the ghostly light.

format: grapa / pàgines: 46