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Behold!!! The Protong

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Stanislav Szukalski (1893–1987) was a Polish-born sculptor, writer, graphic artist, and heretic. Highly regarded in both the US and Poland between the World Wars, he lapsed into obscurity, living and working in “America’s Cultural Siberia” (Southern California) until comic art collector Glenn Bray rediscovered him in 1973. For forty years, Szukalski had developed his all-encompassing science “Zermatism” about the origin of Man, laid down in 39 heavily illustrated volumes with subjects such as “Universal Pictography,” “The Flood Scumline,” and “Anthropolitical Motivations.” The work sets out to prove, among much else, that “Man-apes” make bad politicians, and that all Humanity stemmed from Easter Island, sharing a common protolanguage, “Protong” (bearing a striking resemblance to present-day Polish).

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