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Captain Mindseye

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Captain Mindseye is a 24 page collection of images detailing the adventures of Captain Mindseye, secret agent of the subconscious, and brings together documentation of recent excursions to inner and outer space by Will Sweeney
Will Sweeney is a London-based Illustrator and graphic artist specializing in comics, clothing graphics, animated videos and music packaging. Will has collaborated with a variety of labels/bands/TV shows & publications including: Silas, Stussy, Undercover, Amos Toys, Wonder Showzen, Yo Gabba Gabba, Nieves Books, Beck, Architecture In Helsinki, Birdy Nam Nam and The Wire magazine. He also is known for his comic series ‘Tales From Greenfuzz’ and the accompanying vinyl toys, and also for Alakazam – his t-shirt and print label.

format: grapa / pàgines: 24