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Heredera #2 Angela Dalinger

Dehavilland / · mut

Heredera is a monographic publication devoted entirely to an artist, in this case, to the german painter Angela Dalinger. Presented as a poster with 4 folds, it is a selection of 21 works discovered as it is unfolded, presenting a catalog of his recurrent themes, styles and major obsessions.
ANGELA DALINGER (Essen Oldb., 1984) began to paint as an autodidact in her teens, although it was not until she reached 24 that, after several stages of depression and a psychotic episode which led her to create and write obsessively, she began her studies in Illustration at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Currently she lives in Boitze, a town of no more than 300 inhabitants where she found the stability she needed to let her inner concerns bloom far from the noise of the big city.

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