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The city is Ablaze!

The story of a post-punk popzine, 1984-1994
Mittens On Publishing / · english

What they said about Ablaze!: “There are other people to condemn, Karren – aren’t there?” – Morrissey. “I forgive and hope for Karren A” – Thurston Moore. “F*ck off!” – Ian Brown. And when you read the section of the book entitled Record Shop Skulkers, you’ll know why The City Is Ablaze! And Record Store Day are a perfect match. Ablaze! fanzine was published in Manchester and Leeds in the late eighties and early nineties by Karren Ablaze! The best bits of this notorious and outspokenly passionately zine are now available in book format, to be published on 5th November 2012. Alongside hundreds of zine pages, The City Is Ablaze! features new writings by Karren and other members of the Ablaze! team, as well as interviews with fanzine writers John Robb (Rox), Dave Haslam (Debris) and Richard Johnson (Grim Humour), essays by DIY cultural commentators Lucy Cage and Deborah Withers, a re-examination of the Riot Grrrl movement, and an epilogue by Gary Jarman.

formato: rústica / páginas: 320