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Aventurarse. Un fanzine del Toni Junyent Rosa

Toni Junyent
Fri, 2016-01-15 19:30 - 21:00

Introducing Aventurarse
A zine created by Toni Junyent with collaborations from Alexis Nolla, Marc Torices, Nestor F., Conxita Herrero ...

"... It was summer, and had for long wanted to make a fTG zine. Months ago, in January, I had seen a movie that I liked a lot," Anna "(1972-1975) by Alberto Grifi and Massimo Sarchielli, and had written something on it for Transit ( A text I was quite pleased with, and that does not happen every day. I decided to give it more life putting it in my hypothetical zine, accompanied by a kind of explanation on why I wanted to do this now and a kind of bonus or epilogue about a mountain-trip I did with some friends. All this spiced with wonderful illustrations by Alexis Nolla, Marc Torices and Nestor F., who did the cover. And with a lovely easter egg by Conxita Herrero, who has also made the poster for the presentation at Fatbottom. We are a bit late. Perhaps we have rested on our laurels. This friday , when the presentation takes place, January 15, its only three days short to make it a year since I saw "Anna" at the CCCB. About time. Welcome, and thank severyone who made this possible "

Toni Junyent writes. Less than he should, but I can assure you that he tries. He watches lots of movies and sometimes wanders around. He collaborates with magazines like Miradas de Cine, Numerocero, SO Film or Transit. He writes things, odd comics in fanzines, and also a short film called "Toxic Love". He even has a complete nude in certain audiovisual piece. And it seems he's loosing hair, but that doesn't matter much.

Fatbottom, C/ Lluna 10, Barcelona
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