Now: The New Comics Anthology #9

Fantagraphics / · english

This ninth issue of Now is anchored by the longest story featured in the magazine to date: "Misguided Love," a 41-page autobiographical tour de force by Texas artist Raquelle Jac. Ping-ponging between relationships, hospitalizations, internet "fame," international travel, sex, romance, and trauma, Jac's dense, obsessive pages read like a manifesto, announcing the arrival of a remarkable new voice in comics. This issue also features Now debuts from Hartley Lin (Young Frances), Ethel Wolfe, Ben Nadler (Heretics!), and Emil Friis Ernst (Doctor Murder), as well as work from Now regulars Keren Katz (The Academic Hour) and Noah Van Sciver, who delivers an homage to Basil Wolverton's cult favorite, science-fiction hero, Spacehawk.

format: rústica / pàgines: 120