Bubbles #12

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Four Interviews: - Jaime Hernandez - David Collier - Mudge of Salem Screenprinters - Eddie Germano. Seven Articles: - Comics and Baseball by Brian Baynes - Ichiro and Manga by Ryan Holmberg - Todd McFarlane and his Three Million Dollar Baseball by Brian Baynes - Painting the Black with an Eephus: Raymond Pettibon’s Paintings of Baseball Pitchers by Brian Baynes -A Ramble Through the Cotton Woods: Ray Gotto's Big Swing at a New Field for American Comic Strips by Matt Seneca - Rumiko Takahashi & the Hanshin Tigers by Dylan Acres - Eightbaseball: Daniel Clowes and Baseball in Eightball by Brian Baynes. Four Original Comics by: - Andrew Alexander - Max Huffman - Alex Nall - Mike Shea-Wright

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