Mincho #5

Mincho Press / · english · español

In a world that is oversaturated visually and where art has become deobjectivised, we confess that we’re fan of the second opportunities. So, Minchō #5 is dedicated to books designed as objects and to collage, a technique whose fundamental principle is the reuse of images. You will enjoy an extensive interview to the illustrator Javier Zabala, the inspiring poster project of Alex Proba, the irreverent cut-out animation of Martha Colburn, or the pop-up books of Icinori and Katsumi Komagata, amongst the featured artists. And, considering the “cut and paste” as the acceptation of imperfection and fragmentation as an artistic form, Sergio Martínez Luna delves into the glitch art.

format: revista · rústica / pàgines: 104