The complete Neat Stuff

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Once referred to as “the outsider with an entertainer’s instincts,” Peter Bagge has proven to be one of the great figures in American comics and comedy over the past quarter century. It all began with Neat Stuff, Bagge’s one-man humor anthology that ran from 1985 to 1989 for fifteen issues and introduced the world to Girly Girl & Chuckie-Boy, the reactionary talk radio host Studs Kirby, the hulking misfit Junior, suburbanites Chet and Bunny Leeway, the Goon on the Moon, lounge lizard Zoove Groover, and Bagge’s signature creations, The Bradleys. Bagge’s humor has influenced the work of Matt Groening, Mike Judge, John Kricfalusi, Dana Gould and many other pop culture heavyweights.

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