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The Atlas Artist Edition No. 1: Joe Maneely Vol. 1 "The Raving Maniac" And Other Stories

Fantagraphics / · english

The Atlas Artist Edition: Joe Maneely: Volume 1 collects the best work of Marvel’s top artist of the 1950s in a lush, lavish, full-color, oversize collector’s volume, scanned directly from the original printings and meticulously restored and presented in a wealth of detail never seen before. Joe Maneely was known for his draftsmanship, his versatility, and his speed. His tactile, chiaroscuro graphic approach to storytelling has made him a legend among the comics cognoscenti, but because he never drew superheroes and his life ended tragically at age 32, he has never been given the attention his short but incandescent career deserves. Until now.

book format: hardcover / pages: 256