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About fatbottombooks

What can I find on is an online store that offers you a careful selection of comics, fanzines, illustration books, children's books, original art, serigraphs... graphic productions from all over the world, interesting both for what they explain and how they tell it.

How are the products organized?
The items are classified into 3 main categories: Books, Art and Things. If you click on them you access the entire stock. Each one has subgroups that will help you distinguish the works by their theme or morphology.
The search engine allows you to find products based on extracted keywords from author, publisher, title, description ...
And the related products that appear on each product sheet will help you discover productions that are in the same line as the ones you are consulting.

Are there the same products on the web as in the Raval store?
This is the idea ... the reality is that in the physical store there are always more comics, fanzines, serigraphs ... than we have time to publish on the web.

Can I order comics, fanzines and illustration books from you?
Sure! Send us a [mail] ( "contact") with what you are looking for and we will respond with the estimated arrival date and all the details of the product.

About orders

How is the purchasing process at
Click on the [buy] button of the available products you want to purchase. They will be saved in your order. When you click on the order you can see the details of the products and make a preliminary calculation of the shipping costs. At the checkout you can log in or enter your data. It is mandatory that you choose if you want to receive the items by mail or if you want to come and collect them at the Raval store. Payment for purchases on the web is made via PayPal or credit/debit card. When we receive your order we will send you an email with the details of the products and the process. It takes us about two business days to process it.

What payment methods do you accept?
Payments are made from the web with PayPal's secure purchase system or through our virtual POS operated by Triodos. Contact us for other payment methods.

Can I cancel or modify an order?
Yes, as long as we haven't sent it! Send us a [mail] ( "contact") or call us (+34 93 179 89 57) within 24 hours of making the payment.

Can I return an order?
We accept returns in the event that fatbottombooks has made a mistake with the order or if a product arrives in poor condition. Send us a [mail] ( "contact") with the details and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.
Please note that some items in the store are not exactly new or are not in pristine condition. You will find these items in the "discontinued" and "offers" sections. Read the description of the product carefully to be aware of the state in which they are because we do not accept returns due to poor condition for this type of item.

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