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C'est comme ça

éditions matière / · français

In Tokyo, the buildings are erect sexes stretched towards a sky where fly-cocks fly. Men and women have an acorn-shaped head, and go to bed late at night after an office day. It's like that. In mixed public baths, the guys are cheating on each other by putting on funny beads in funny places ... The au pairs leave baby and housework behind to perform the most raw acts among them. It's like that. Chinkoman, the "man-dick", uses his excessive body to violently impose his phallic law. It's like that ! It's like that ! It's like this: the society described in these nine short stories by Jiro Ishikawa is placed under the sign of the phallus-king, the sexual impulse, narcissism, the libidinous obsession. It is the society of the enjoyers, the neurotic satisfied, the society of the dick-heads.

book format: paperback / pages: 168