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Cheat Sheets

Nieves / · mute

A new edition of Tiger Tateishi's incredible 1982 comics collection Tora No Maki. Tiger Tateishi first began drawing cartoons in 1964, inspired by copies of MAD Magazine which occupation forces had left behind. Before moving to Milan in 1969, Tateishi regularly contributed to manga magazines. Around this time, as Fumiko Tateishi explains, Tiger "had a strong desire to make a real comic book, and spent almost five years working on the pictures for Tora No Maki. At first, Penguin Books in London were considering publishing it, and they had the originals for quite a while, but after a love call from Seigow Matsuoka at Kousakusha in Tokyo, the book was eventually brought out in Japan."

book format: paperback / pages: 100