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Curiosón. Viaje al corazón del océano

Fulgencio Pimentel / Fulgencio Pimentel e Hijos / · mute

Without using a single word, Matthias Picard develops a simple, magical and fantastic story on the stage of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a resemblance which is enhanced with detailed illustrations and crafted spread-pages, mimicking the style of the engravings that illustrate those stories. As in the classic Verne, here the adventure is completed by the contemplation of fascinating scenarios and the discovery of a new world.
Curiosón, a real tribute to the book as an object, has been delicately produced with 3-D technology much richer than predict the depths of its ink drawings, turning its pagesinto almost tangible stages. This large format album includes two pairs of anaglyph glasses for children and adults to share again and again. All the fun of sharing your trip to the heart of the ocean.

book format: hardcover / pages: 52