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Infinite Wheatpaste Vol. 1 - Catalytic Conversions

Avery Hill Publishing / · english

Experience a universe-spanning sci-fi adventure in Infinite Wheatpaste. Relationships . . . androids . . . car repair . . . time travel . . . gods – these interconnected stories set on the edges of human experience share the moments of the little bits of life that feel less than real. Abby and Lilah are a couple drifting apart. Jeff is a flaming star. Soe is a perpetually late college student and the goddess next door. Casimir is a man with a past, and Abe is his future, maybe everyone’s future. Otis is a grief-stricken robot on a road to enlightenment. Groob is fun-loving and the salt of the earth. Some are slowly making their way to each other, but some are breaking apart.

book format: paperback / pages: 280