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La veuve et l’orphelinat

Éditions 3 Fois Par Jour / · mute

Welcome to the wacky world of heroine Annie Riencomprendre! A series of dense color images, some speaking and others silent, which follow one another in an open narration with strange motifs. Find the mysterious characters that surround our heroine and try to decipher the secret of this story to understand nothing! A real nugget that reads like an infinite loop, indeed, by putting them edge to edge, (the last image will coincide with the first), and the loop is complete. Leporello of 14 shutters (9.2 cm X 13.5 cm) Interior: 4 pantone offset printing on munken lynx paper. Cover: Silkscreen on cardboard 1 color, 700 copies

book format: leporello / pages: 14