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L'aventure de l'Homme-Chien

Misma / · français

L’AVENTURE DE L’HOMME CHIEN tells the incredible destiny of Mr Kim, a guy from South Korea with no future, good for nothing, which has only one goal in life: to become a civil servant. Obviously, it is not capable and fails all competitions for public work. In his despair, he spends his days watching TV , untill one day he stumbles upon a documentary about police dogs that gives him an idea: "But of course! Police dogs are civil servants, hence why would I not be a police dog too! "Ready to do anything to achieve his dream, he embarks on a program of intensive training to become a perfect dog. So much so for, ultimately, no one distinguishes him from a real dog. Identified as an animal scientist, he finds himself sent as a gift to a great general in North Korea. General Park quickly realizes the capabilities of the human-dog, and decides to return with an army of stuffed animals loaded with explosives to bomb South Korea! But things don't go as planned ... With an expressive and humorous drawing, Yoon-Sun Park tells us this zany adventure full of ups and downs with a truly unique style of storytelling.

book format: paperback / pages: 128