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No Option! #2

Entrecomics Comics / · mute

"Pep tells me, again, his obsession with old American comic-books, the internet caters more to him than a human being can digest. Despite living in the same city, we see each other very little , I estimate that the thing must have already been going on for some years, and there he is. What was once the domain of Chaland made ​​a place to Wally Wood and lands finally in the dark suburban pulp of the comic world and the most radical aesthetics. As far as I know, Pep's English is very basic -another thing that unites us-, I thus understand all these get to him through the eye, mature in his brain, reinterprets it at his pleasure and finally returns to the paper, his natural home in a pop artifact tailored to his needs"- Manel Fontdevila

book format: staple / pages: 32