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Visages du temps

éditions matière / · français

In 17 stories of varying lengths, and varied staging that work at the same time as proposals for installations, sculptures, images and concepts, Sammy Stein offers a walk through imaginary museums ("The Turtle Museum", "Archives of the glass museum" ), a visit through collections of dreams ("Faces of time", "Multimonde"), pays homage to a dark artist whose work has almost completely disappeared ("Salut Marcel"), evokes memories of a fictional place and its artifacts ("Galerie 128 "," Retour vers le center "), describes an impossible work (" Fireworks "), observes the process of transformation from one form into another (" Sculpture in motion "," Camouflage "," Bye bye Dada "), and even conjures up fantastic recipes (“Le grand restaurant”, episodes 1 and 2).

book format: paperback / pages: 280