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O lado da sombra. Sedición gráfica e iniciativas ignoradas, raras ou desacreditadas entre 1971 e 1989. Volume I

Fundación Luis Seonane / · english · español · galego

Between the months of June and September 2005, the Luis Seoane Foundation hosted the exhibition O lado da sombra, a project curated by Anxo Rabuñal that proposed a reading of the immediate past through the graphic creation developed in Galicia between the 70s and 80s The exhibition brought together a wide selection of sculptures, objects, photographs, magazines, books, records, films, drawings, comics and paintings made by a heterogeneous group of artists and activists. This catalog reproduces much of the material included in the exhibition, accompanied by a series of texts by different authors that analyze the evolution of the Galician cultural scene in the period from the last years of the Franco regime to the transition to democracy.

book format: paperback / pages: 260