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Catalonely is the new book by Héctor Castells, a cult author from Barcelona’s literary scene, and his first output since releasing in 2013 Sideral, the enormous biography of his closest friend, the late DJ Aleix Vergés, a central figure in the nightclub scene of the nineties.​ A mix of travel literature, adventure novel and distorted autobiography, Catalonely is a detailed account of the many months living in southeast Asia after a sentimental break up. In a constant time warp intertwining the melancholy of imperfect youth days, the loss of eternal love, the overwhelming decay of the present and a foggy future, the book is a brutal exercise in self exploration from a man lost in life, both in time and space, with a witty style that is honest, courageous and hilarious all at once.

book format: paperback / pages: 456