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Chili com Carne presenta: Futuro Primitivo

Fri, 2013-03-15 21:03 - Sat, 2013-04-06 21:03

The end is near. In 2012, the Mayan prophecies, solar storms, inminent reptilian invasion, conspiracies are in the agenda. Mankind's got two days left. Then what?. I mean, if a few "privileged" survive, what can we expect of the future? Let us not forget that often, man is like a scab: difficult to remove.
These questions are the starting point of the album the dystopian association Chili Com Carne fully constructs. Because Futuro Primitivo involves about 40 associates in an apocalyptic cadavre exquis anthology.
Despite the difficulty of organizing an cadavre exquis between authors of different styles, some very different from each other, the result is very solid, with an air of pure, hard science fiction, with artifacts ultratecnology, pollution and a high percentage of mutants and debris just around each page. - Martín López Lam for Bolido de Fuego

The given theme was dystopian and post-apocalyptic Science Fiction. As an inspiration, each author was asked to choose an item from a list of some of the biggest technological creations that caused Humanity to move forward into abyss: weapons, agriculture, fire, shelter, wheel, metal, currency, printing, steam engine, electricity, nuclear power, transistor, the pill and Dolly ... The Comics should be made of two strips per page in order to isolate the images, as if they were illustrations for the exhibition and, in this way we’d combine the work of different authors. Strips / panels/ comics should be reorganized and mixed together, so that it would create a "meta-story" with the sum of all these “graphic-narrative units” of various Comics.

The exhibition in Fatbottom Books will be accompanied by the presence of two authors: Margarida Borges and Ricardo Martins, a stall with several Chili Com Carne publications, silkscreens and a soundtrack that can be downloaded free here

This exhibition has previously been at the comic festival of Beja (Portugal), Crack (Rome), Helsinki Comic Festival and ISVs (Malmö, Sweden), and is strolling through the U.S. (Not Tex Not Mex in Denton and in the Floating World Comics bookstore in Portland) and Brazil (Prego in Vila Velha, and soon in San Paulo, in Ugra Press Festival).