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Cortocuentos 2

Borja Crespo · Chema García
Fri, 2012-03-30 20:00 - 22:00

With Albert Monteys, Luis Bustos, Daniel Ausente and Borja Crespo.

Chema García and Borja Crespo propose a new book that collects another evocative collection of big short stories -they staged a first issue, Cortocuentos (Astiberri, 2009) - where the graphics and the words are merged resulting in subtle metaphors. Images emanating feelings. Cortocuentos 2 is a book to be read and be explained. For older children and smart children. They are stories that explore emotions, illustrated by a luxury staff of guest artists accompanying the creative couple. 14 authors who collaborate with various graphic styles, giving, each one, images to a story that usually consists of four sentences: Paco Roca, David Rubin, Javier Olivares, Raquel Alzate, Pepo Perez, Jose Luis Munuera, Albert Monteys, Mireia Perez, Miguel B. Núñez, Puño, Enrqieu Bonet, Rafael Blanco, Juan Díaz-Faes and Luís Bustos.

fatbottom, salvà 19, barcelona
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