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Exposició d'originals i presentació del llibre

Víctor Dvnkel
Fri, 2021-09-17 18:30 - Sat, 2021-10-30 20:00

Book launch and exhibition of the original pages drawn by Victor Dvnkel for the comic "L'Oracle"
In L'Oracle we see the anteroom of a "certain end of the world", of which some indications can be seen, without the whole frame being shown yet. Visions of a world in which technology has completely replaced nature, or rather the naturalization of technology. And it has gone viral, penetrating the bark of the earth, the tree and the brain. A new bacterium that leads the protagonists on an uncertain journey in search of a refuge against the forces that have unleashed the human obsession to control nature.
L'Oracle is written by Francisco Jota-Pérez and drawn by Víctor F. Dvnkel
Published in catalan by Extinció Edicions