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Exposición de Jorge Parras (o de cómo Jorge Parras acabó con Fatbottom)

Jorge Parras
Fri, 2013-10-04 20:00 - Thu, 2013-10-31 21:00

The exhibition brings together over 300 gags and comic strips, with 138 original works, mostly published in El Jueves, Condón, and ARGH!, belonging to the series, Ritarded, GRRR! and Guou LLEA! respectively, but also exhibit new works, variations of the same gag, things without inking, errors, discards ...
All this material has been compiled in an exhibition catalog.
On the other hand, there are some original works from the recent Untitled fanzine with the blue cover.

Jorge Parras studied photography and since then has never touched a camera again. He then began to draw, published comics and illustrations in magazines and fanzines, combining it with work of all kinds, from orchestral musician to nuclear technician. At that time he also was editor of the ARGH! magazine, with Felix Diaz, and played bass-guitar in a band called The Lone Surfersss. Today illustrates a section on a monthly news magazine, while trying to bring up other projects like Crime Comics, or OMFGFACEPALMSLURP with MOLG H.