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Irkus M. Zeberio
Thu, 2015-04-30 19:00 - Mon, 2015-05-25 21:00

Everything a country on the south of Prussia could desire: cheap entertainment, sponsored beer, leftist cultural goods ...
Exhibition and presentation of the zine GR€ZIA by Irkus M. Zeberio

Gr€zia is a world in crisis. Together
with other countries south of
NeoPrusia form
defensive strip against
No-people Humans.
Gr€zia also is the desertic dead-space
-basamortua- of the economy,
therefore the world. The
economics and law
dominate everything and under this yoke
man is defined. Man is the
citizen, the consumer. Therefore
is the consumer who has rights.
It is therefore defined as a human the being
who have rights. Whoever buys is a man.
Those who don't are infrahuman.
A strip of thousands of miles of
desert is the first wall. Then
there is another, and impassable (almost): the
Berlin Wall.
Berlin is the capital of NeoPrusia.
Berlin is a city state.
The Greeks can not buy anything,
but Berliners do. The citizens,
can buy everything.
NeoPrusia citizens have the
right to connect to the World's Happy Network,
they are entitled to be happy. To
buy what they want without
physical constraints. His own body
can be infinitely altered, they can be
any person, even any
object. To die and be revived. To buy
bodies, clothing, facial expressions,
houses. To play and be forever young.
To kill as if they were in a game.
To buy memory upgrades,
consciousness expansions, extension
packs, vivid games and to download
new maps.

Fatbottom, lluna, 10, Barcelona
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