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Sat, 2014-04-26 18:00 - 21:00

Perropanda is a self publishing house born in Barcelona one year ago, based on the ancient and simple rule of Do It Yourself.
We self print books and posters, sew pillows and monsters, giving a shape to everything that comes from the ambiguous nature of this strange animal that gave us his name and inspiration.
Everything we produce conceived and created by the hands of passionate people feeling the need to take their own space without compromise.

A hybrid is a live animal or plant resulting from cross-breeding, species or subspecies other, or one or more different qualities "
We asked 29 illustrators from Italy, Spain, Mexico and Germany each to illustrate a hybrid.
The result is an anthology that contains them all, each with its scientific name and its unique features.
On Saturday April 26 we present the anthology in Fatbottom where you'll be able to caress the book and, of course, buy a copy of the latest production from Perropanda.
We'll be waiting wagging our tail, for a drink!
  From 18:00.

Illustrators present in the anthology:

Andrea Chronopolus
Ango the Meek Dead
Carol Rollo
Cristina Spano
Daniele La Placa
Dario Grillotti
Elisa Scesa
Giaime Loi
Giulia Sagramola
Giulio Castagnaro
Ilaria Bossa
Josep Torres
La Came
La Fille Bertha
La Nuke
Laura Prim
Luca Licciardi
Mariana Villanueva Segovia
Marta Baroni
Nuria Benitez
Patrizio Anastasi
Pia Valentinis
Sara Menetti
Simone Deiana
Victor Cheko

Fatbottom, Lluna, 10, Barcelona
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