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Infancia en escabeche #3: This Is Espinaler Tap: Cuadernos de campo de un niño entre los sifones del metal

Cate Balcells · Jordi S · Oliver García Mancebo
Sat, 2012-06-30 17:00 - Sat, 2012-07-21 21:00

The collective Infancia en Escabeche, a project delivered to the preservation and exhibition of unique samples of children and youth creativity, Fatbottom and Galeria Alegria, dedicated to provide coverage, disseminate and represent the work of artists who have a carefree attitude and challenging, have jointly and simultaneously in the Espai Al Fons of Fatbottom and space of the Galeria Alegria, "ONLY DEATH IS REAL", an exhibition of the work of Jordi Sagala, a 12 year old son of the ruler of the Bodega gracienca Piñol-beens tavern frequented by heavy metal, particularly that from the pedagogical method of Rafa Castañer Jordi and interest in ornithology and abyssal fauna, gave vent to their drawing classes at the joint of his particular and personal concept of the animal, the monstrous and evil iconographic imagery influenced by heavy rock and naturalistic observation from fieldwork in the cellar.

"This Is Espinaler Tap: Field notebooks of a child between the siphons of metal" is the charge of pickled and Children to be held in Fatbottom. The exhibition contains a selection of the number of interventions performed on Jordi pictorial volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica from his father, as well as its shareholders gathered in video processing, and a sort of beings taxonomizan between fantasy and reality, with a disturbing appearance of Rorschach tests as a result.