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Jorge Parras lo liquida todo

Jorge Parras
Sat, 2018-12-15 12:00 - Wed, 2019-02-20 21:00
Fatbottom & Máquina Total

Exhibition and ongoing auction until the end of January

from 12 noon, Vermutada while Parras finishes mounting the exhibition, and when he does, we can inaugurate it if you want

then in the afternoon, around 6, GREAT AUCTION of original drawings. Rarities at crazy prices

and at 8, concert of CHICOS RAROS, a mix between the Backstreet Boys and the Dream Team


All exposed originals are for sale at a free price. Write your email and what you want to pay in a post-it and paste it to the drawing you are interested in. If the drawing you want already has a post-it from another person, you remove its post-it and paste yours with a higher figure. You must deliver the removed pot-it at the counter, this way we can warn everyone interested one in case they wish to bid more. After a month, when the exhibition ends, we will contact the people who have finally acquired the drawings. Shipping costs are not included.

Among the original art you can find works made for various
zines and publications such as ARGH !, El Jueves, El Manglar, Crime Comics, etc ...

The collection will be used entirely in martial arts lessons. Within a year, the author commits himself to break a wooden board with a kick, as a sign that the money was used wisely.